You’ll also find my jars in stockists around Dorset. 

Wherever possible we use locally grown and/or sourced ingredients. For example the gooseberries for the Spicy Goosegog Chutney are grown in my garden or a local allotment, just down the road.


Aubergine Chutney

A sweet, warm chutney full of Asian spices, ideal with cheese, splendid with a curry!


Red Pepper and Chilli Jam

A savoury jam that has a wonderful red hue. Spiked with Spanish smoked paprika, this jam goes well with cheeses or cold meats. I also use this in stir fry dishes where the recipe calls for sweet chilli sauce.


Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade

A savoury marmalade made of caramailsed red onions, cooked in red wine and balsamic vinegars until glossy, sweet and sticky. Great with goats cheese.


Spiced Beetroot and Orange Chutney

Sweet and earthy this ruby coloured chutney is ideal with cheese, especially cheddar, pork chops and roasted vegetables.


Spiced Apple, Date and Ginger Chutney

A mildly spicy, tasty and tangy chutney, which is perfect for cheese and cold meat sandwiches.


Chutters for Cheese

The combination of dried dates, prunes, apricots, figs, sultanas and raisins with a hint of cayenne pepper makes this the perfect chutney for cheese!


Mango Chutney

This is a fabulously sweet and hot chutney with a freshness from the mangoes that goes so well with cheese as well as with a curry.


Cooking sauces and recipes


Dorset Real Ale Chutney

This wonderfully aromatic chutney is full of fruit and tomatoes. The real ale is from Hall and Woodhouse and compliments the fruity flavours. It has a lovely warm finish from the red chillies too. Ideal with a ploughman’s, salad or with cheese on toast.

Traditional Piccalilli

Crispy vegetables and a wonderfully intense mustard sauce makes this the perfect piccalilli for that pork pie, scotch egg or ploughmans!


Gooseberry Chutney

Sharp, sweet, sour and tangy with heat from the peppercorns, fabulous with cheese but amazing with smoked mackerel.


Dorset Naga Chilli Sauce

Home grown Dorset Naga Chillis are used in this extremely hot tomato based sauce! Plently of flavour then HEAT!


Spicy Plum Ketchup

A warm plummy ketchup which is divine on a bacon buttie!


Honey, Orange and Mustard Dressing

The recipe may be mine, but inspiration for this sauce comes from my Mum….use as a dressing or as a marinade.


Tomato Ketchup


BBQ Sauce


Dorset Beetroot and Chilli Sauce

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