Where has this year gone so far!

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I cannot believe it is the end of September already! Summer is certainly over if the grey rainy skies outside The Jammery are anything to go by!

We have had a busy fun filled year so far as our workshops are now up and running, Great taste award judging and winning a Great taste award, my 60th birthday and the Sturminster Newton cheese Festival!

Our first lot of workshops were the end of February celebrating the wonderful Rhubarb from the Yorkshire rhubarb triangle. The Rhubarb Rhubarb days were filled with fun, laughter and of course all things rhubarb…from making rhubarb and ginger jam, rhubarb and date chutney to Rhubarb infused Gin…

This all led very nicely into The Strawberry and Lemons workshops in May, where the delights of strawberries and lemons were showcased in Strawberry and Champagne jam, Lemon Curd and Limoncello…the tastings went down a storm as did the makings!

Through these months there was a few days of Great Taste Judging, always interesting, sometimes tasty and others, well lets just say points for trying!

The Summer was upon us with vast quantities of strawberry jam being made using my fav strawberries from The New Forest Berry Co…. they do grow a tasty strawberry! Oh and we won a one star Great taste award for our Five Fruit Marmalade!

Lots of fun was had in the extremely merry month of August….someone (who me???) turned 60 and decided a month was required to celebrate this milestone birthday, starting with a Mad Hatters tea party and ending with 3 glorious weeks in Italy with all my lovely family!


Back to earth with bump with preparations for the Sturminster Cheese Festival which although held on one of the hottest weekends went very well…Black Garlic Ketchup being the best seller by a mile!

We have autumnal workshops coming up in October..all sold out! These are being run with Matt from Winfrith Bakery….jam and chutney making combined with sweet and savoury Tart making!…

Look out for the Christmas workshops….details coming soon!

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