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Here at Ajar Of I have been making jams, marmalades, chutneys and other condiments for over five years ever since I made my first batch of blueberry thrill jam and aubergine chutney.

Both products were inspired by my husband in some way…the Blueberry Thrill jam acquired the ‘thrill’ when he asked me what I was cooking, when told he then sang all day ‘I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill’. The Aubergine chutney was made because we liked a chutney with our curry, so hubby tasked me to take on Pataks!


Locally sourced ingredients

Inspired by the Dorset surroundings and nature, I wanted to use locally grown produce wherever possible.
Initially I benefited from the generosity of neighbours who would turn up with excess produce from their gardens and allotments.
Then I discovered Goldhill Organic farm in Child Okeford: to this day, I cannot find a better aubergine or beetroot for my chutneys.

Jams & Marmalades

Here the summer months are glorious in providing fruit for the popular jams of Strawberry, Raspberry and Jumbleberry – my favourite as it is a jumble of all the summer berries.
The foraging in the autumn provides the wonderfully sweet and earthy Blackberry and Sloes for sloe gin jelly. The rosy Crab apple jelly and the queen of jellies, the Quince, making the most wonderful condiment for meat and cheese!

I love the Seville orange season in January and February, the smell of the Sevilles imported directly from Spain to make the most marvellous bittersweet marmalade loved by all!

February heralds the gloriously pink forced rhubarb from the rhubarb triangle in Yorkshire..making the most delicious Rhubarb and ginger jam.

Chutney & Sauces

With Chutneys being so packed with flavour I try to think of other ways of using them other than with cheese! So Chutters for Cheese is ideal with any cheese, but is also fabulous with Pate, Gooseberry Chutney, again great with soft cheeses comes into its own with smoked mackerel or hot smoked salmon…

I love my range of Pasta sauces and Table sauces, all have been made using little or no sugar and taste of the ripened tomatoes, plums, dried fruits, vegetables, chillies and spices that go into them…a tasty way to make or add to a meal.

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