Bringing you the best of local produce in a jar

IMG_0654Welcome to Ajar Of!

My name is Tracey Collins and Ajar Of is my passion. I live, breath and dream of all things preserved! I believe that local produce using fresh locally sourced ingredients tastes so much better, is more sustainable – and deserves to be more popular – than products and or ingredients from distant parts.

Our aim is to bring the best of local produce to you in a jar or bottle!


My guarantee: My products will always use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, whether from local farms, farm shops, PYO or foraged from the local hedgerows!

All my products are made in small batches, using the open pan method to preserve the quality and taste; no artificial colourings or preservatives are used in their cooking process. Even the pectin for the marmalades and jams is homemade from citrus fruits and apples.

Check out the events page for some of the local Food Fairs and festivals we will be at this year.


..Breaking news…a new range is being launched. Pasta Sauces! Classic Tomato and Basil, Tomato Arrabiata and Sauce alla norma (tomato and aubergine) all developed from authentic Sicilian recipes. Coming to a Stockist near you soon.. Felicity’s Farm Shop at Morecombelake has the first delivery this week!





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Pickles and Chutneys



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